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Image of smoke stack and conceptual graph overlaid on top to signify growing/decreasing carbon emissions

The world is facing an unprecedented climate challenge.

To reach net zero emissions by 2035, an energy transition of seismic proportions is needed. This involves embracing clean energy alternatives and fundamentally changing the way we produce and consume electricity.

Introducing the Decarbonization Channel

In partnership with the National Public Utilities Council (NPUC), Visual Capitalist has created the Decarbonization Channel to shine a light on the progress towards net zero goals in the U.S. and drive the decarbonization conversation forward.

The website provides utilities, administrators, investors, and utility customers a data-driven look at all things decarbonization with a focus on the U.S. energy sector.

Decarbonization Channel powered by National Public Utilities Council

The NPUC Annual Utility Decarbonization Report

The Decarbonization Channel also hosts the inaugural NPUC Annual Utility Decarbonization Report, highlighting the decarbonization status of the largest investor-owned utilities in the country.

The report provides an in-depth look at six different climate-related metrics for utilities, and highlights the obstacles that utilities face on the road to decarbonization.

It also provides decarbonization strategies for utilities, illustrating the power of collaboration and enterprise in developing business-led solutions.

National Public Utilities Council Annual Utility Decarbonization Report

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National Public Utilities Council (NPUC)

The NPUC is poised to lead the utility industry in a carbon-free revolution. They host bi-monthly roundtable discussions with major utilities in the United States to facilitate an open discussion about their decarbonization goals and the road to a net-zero future.

Motive Power

Motive Power helps clients to reimagine their business, build workforces with leaders and cultures to accelerate change, create and deliver project management expertise and drive data analytics. Our focus on sustainability, DEI, purpose, and organizational effectiveness helps drive evolution and change for business.

Visual Capitalist

Since 2011, Visual Capitalist has been committed to making the world’s information more accessible. Their mission is to simplify complex data to help people become more knowledgeable about the things that matter.